Introduction to C# and Flattiverse

Flattiverse: build spaceshuttles and deepen your C# knowledge

Flattiverse Impressions

programming c# while learning and having fun: Flattiverse

Flattiverse Talk with Prof. Melcher, 05.03.2017

A Conversation about the new Flattiverse Class.


.NET Standard 2.0 Connector

The Connector for UWP, .NET Core 2.0 or any newer version of the .NET Framework

.NET Framework 2.0 Connector

The Connector for the regular .NET Framework

Java Connector

The Connector for Java

Rust Connector

The Connector for Rust

Flattiverse Starterkit

A starterkit for a fast start in Flattiverse

Flattiverse startinfo

You can find all nececcary information to start in flattiverse here


general information regarding the Flattiverse c# Course