is a noncommercial computer game where you write your own client.
Currently libraries for C#, Java and Rust are provided.


Because we are developing Flattiverse in our spare time, only rudimentary documentation is available. If you want to write a Flattiverse client with C#, you can find an introductional video in german here. This video is also helpful for the other programming languages, as the nomenclature and functioning of methods is similar across the different libraries. To watch yourself flying and for an easier familiarization, navigate to the live view page on our website to watch a time-delayed view of the first universe, “Time-Master”.

As long as we do not yet have a forum, you can ask questions on our facebook page.

The Flattiverse-course at HS-Esslingen

Flattiverse started in 2008 as the C#-course of HS-Esslingen and was steadily further developed ever since. Back then it was just a very basic version that had neither a website nor any community.

Since then, we are continuing the development of Flattiverse especially in the crunch phases before the course at HS-Esslingen. Usually, there is a course every semester. Sometimes there are more than two courses a year, e.g. when we are booked by the industry to conduct a course.

The technical concepts in Flattiverse were selected in such a way that you can learn different kinds of APIs and calling conventions. As an advanced programmer or as a voluntarily repeating participant you may implement complex control algorithms, routing algorithms, AI, or swarm logic in your spaceships.


Coming up, we will start an ICO with our own cryptocurrency. Just kidding. The next steps provide that we will develop a forum for the website, a private messaging system and an online documentation similar to MSDN.

When this base is created, we will see which requirements will arise from a growing community. As a long-term goal, we envision providing the possibility to create universes via the API to particularly successful participants.


Over the past years many different people have worked on Flattiverse. Until we find a better place for this kind of mentions, we will display a small list of credits here.


Java connector: Julian Klissenbauer-Mathä, Micheal Watzko

Rust connector: Micheal Watzko

Gameserver & .NET (Core) connector: Matthias Lukaseder

Documentation: Thomas Gottuck

Tools: Daniel Draghici, Thomas Gottuck, Mesih Tasci

Homepage, Art & Documentation

Homepage backend: Matthias Lukaseder

Homepage frontend: Stephanos Malikotsinas

Ship configurator: Jan Müller

Live view: Jan Müller, Mesih Tasci, Daniel Draghici

Course documentation: Prof. Harald Melcher

Artwork: Charlotte Gill

In Memory

Homepage until 2013: Lennart Kleinhenz

Homepage until 2015: Patrick Eckebrecht